How many bets to prove a betting system?

One of the important issues when it comes to betting systems is after how many bets we can say that a betting system is secured enough to be played with big money. The problem is that if we try a betting system and it appears to be winning at first glance, we can start betting larger sums assured that the method of playing is profitable. It is quite possible to be unpleasantly surprised afterwards and see that we had just luck in the beginning. This unpleasant situation can lead to large losses of money and because of that we need a validation rule that will give us the needed security before we start to bet more money.

If you look at various betting forums you will see different views of what should be the number of bets to ensure our security. If you want you can even go further by exploring issues from betting systema sociological perspective. There is a special formula that determines the number of events before they are identified as statistically significant.

However, if you do not want to go so deep into the science you can take a simple rule. The higher the odds you play with, the greater the number of controlling bets must be. The opposite is also true. If you bet on a system that gives 65% success rate on small odds then 100 trial bets could be enough.

However, it seems the best solution in this case is the following. Start betting on trial and if after the first 100 bets you are on profit deposit the minimum possible amount of money you can afford. Then, allow the system to evolve itself as the only thing to do is to increase the bank depending on your winnings. For example, every time you reach 20% profit, start again and put the 20% profit in your total bank. So, you will play only with the minimum amount you invested at the beginning. If your system is profitable it will raise the amount of money by itself. The time needed to reach your desired level of money for a single bet will be your trial period.

Some last words. This video below is a present for every punter who loves betting on football :) Enjoy!

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