Improve your betting success rate

No doubt all we who love betting strive for one single thing – to increase our success rate and by doing it to increase our profits or at least to reduce the losses. How can we achieve this? Well, if someone knew this and decided to share it with everyone, then very quickly there will be nowhere to bet. However, there is a very useful way by which we can make a small step forward. This way is to understand why we choose a prediction where to place our bets.

How to choose on which match to bet? Broadly speaking, we rely on the experience. We look at signs for which we know from the past that tell something to us about an advantage of one team and when we find such an advantage we make a bet. Of course, many times we don’t use just one for our prediction, but the principle is the same.

The way we can improve our betting success betting success raterate is to keep track of the signs used by us for our predictions and to check whether they are really in our favour or not. How can we do this? It is very simple. The only thing we need is an excel file to record all information about our bets. We will collect there the date of the bet, the match and the prediction we are going to make. Also, we can put there the odds and the final result. From there we can trace success rate and what is the situation with our bank.

The most important part is on the last column. There, we should fully detail and quite honestly describe what has led us to make this prediction. In a few words and in a very free style we can describe the signs which remind us about some past matches and make us make one or another prediction.

So once we bet on a particular number of matches we can look back and do a complete analysis of where we succeeded and where we fail in our predictions. We can group the signs and see which ones are correct and which are not. By doing this we will be able to improve our betting game.

If you are not familiar with excel take a look on the video below. It will show you the main functions.

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